Her er de seneste kommentarer fra nogle af vores tidligere kunder. Dette er ægte kommentarer, og vi fik tilladelse fra kunden til at tilføje disse kommentarer på vores hjemmeside. Hvis du vælger at sende en e-mail til en af vores kunder, skal du gøre det med respekt, da vi er meget taknemmelige for, at de tilbyder deres service som reference til os.

Nej: 4020
Navn: Tore Petter Suleng
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 25-03-2022

Gaming pc super rask og kjempe god service kan anbefale pc fra dere
Nej: 4019
Navn: Malene Ryberg
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 12-02-2021

Fantastisk gamercomputer til min søn. Lige til at sætte til og klar til at spille på.
Nej: 4018
Navn: Kim Poulsen
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 16-08-2020

Super god og hurtig service.

Kan varmt anbefales.
Nej: 4017
Navn: Jan rasmussen
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 08-08-2020

God service kunne godt lide at de skrev en mail hver uge hvordan det gik med vores computer kunne vi godt lide kan varmt anbefale dem
Nej: 4016
Navn: T. Thomsen
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 16-04-2020

Buying my new Liquid Series gaming rig from PCSpecialist has been an absolute pleasure. I received it this week and it runs like a dream.

Let me take you through the process and my thoughts on each step for a fair review of their services:

Shopping around: I really liked the feature on the PCSpecialist site that allows you to save builds, including a price quote, on your profile. It made it easy for me to take a step back and consider the build I wanted. Also the selection of components is large enough to accommodate all kinds of PC buyers.

Customer support: Had a few questions to address with their customer support in the buying process, and they delivered; support in my own language, fast responses, and a very helpful agent.

Buying: Just like shopping on the site, it was easy to finalize the purchase. Had to pay with bank transfer, which I could only do in GBP, however, so I had to re-do my order with currency set to £, and after this it worked well. Some small hoops to jump through, but it's ok.

Order time: I ordered with the standard build time (9-11 days for Liquid Series) and delivery time (3 days to where I live). However, I happened to order the computer in prime coronavirus time, and delivery ended up coinciding with Easter. In total it was 1 month and 1 day from pressing "Purchase" on the site until the computer arrived at my door - including bank transfer processing time, order processing time, waiting for a component to be in stock again, build, testing, packaging, shipping, coronavirus delays and Easter putting a halt to delivery over the holidays.

Product quality: I've only had the rig for a few days, so I have barely had a chance to explore it, however, everything seems to be exactly how I had hoped. The build quality is impeccable and the computer looks and runs great from my first impressions.

The extra cost of having PCSpecialist build the rig of my dreams is easily outweighed by their expertise, warranty policy, and the security of knowing that everything just works out of the box.

I am a very happy customer, and while I sincerely hope I will not have to invest in another gaming rig again in the foreseeable future, if I had to, I know I would get it from here.
Nej: 4015
Navn: k j evans
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 17-05-2022

I have just purchased a new pc and the journey from ordering , configuring and delivery was seamless informative helpful and within my budget . There was no talking down just straight polite and patient instruction with further informative links sent to further aid any query , big shout to fatima mulla for her help , so now i can enjoy my new window on the world which i must say was built to an excellent standard.
Nej: 4014
Navn: Thomas Clewley
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 15-05-2022

Call in for some tech support with Louis Charles. He was very patient, helpful and walked me through over the phone to fix my issue. By the end of the call, my issue was fixed in no time at all and I even learned more about how my new PC works.

100% would recommend.
Nej: 4013
Navn: Ryan freeman
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 12-05-2022

Spoke to a guy today called Adam Lawson
About my computer because its been in testing for 3 days so was curious to what was up and he got back to me within 15 minutes, explained everything that was wrong and explained the process

Absolute legend we need more people like Adam Lawson working behind the scenes
Nej: 4012
Navn: Asif Bostan
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 26-04-2022

I Hope I got the spelling of his name right lol. Spoke to a guy called Louie (sorry if thats misspelled), he was very easy to talk to and was able to guide me through my questions with ease, which was perfect for me and helped me make a decision based on future proofing my machine. He laid out all the facts as well as gave his own opinion on what he would do if he had the resources. You guys need more employees like Louie. Give him a promotion or a raise lol. Cheers for the advice and guidance.
Nej: 4011
Navn: Max
E-mail: [email protected]

Dato: 12-04-2022

Spoke to Bradley today about a problem due to my computer running slow in games. We uninstalled the games driver via a DDU and installed it again now works back to normal performance. He was very patient with my slow internet and gave me tips on my computer and better internet advice (which i really need) I really appreciate all work at PCSpecialist thank you guys !